Friday, 20 February 2015

Arganesse hair treatment review!

Arganesse Hair treatment ( Samples ) *PRSamples
I don't really use heat styling tools on my hair, but a  flat iron usually if I'm feeling abit bored with my hair. and sometimes I like to style my hair up just to give that pretty look. I don't have natural straight hair my hair is always frizzy and curly and I have really bad ends I give them a trim sometimes and it always comes back I think its due to washing my hair everyday or using a heat tool.
I was kindly sent a few sachet samples of the Arganesse hair treatment, I was really excited to giving them a go because I really want my hair to grow and make my ends look healthier. I've heard some lovely review on the products. and was really excited to giving it ago.
Arganesse is a daily leave-in treatment that controls frizz and adds shine.  Argan oil is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, all of which contribute to its hydrating capabilities.  Unfortunately, sometimes argan oil alone can leave hair feeling a bit greasy, and Arganesse was created to provide the same wonderful effects as argan oil, but without the greasiness.  It blends argan oil with the perfect combination of complimentary ingredients, and when applied to hair it gives a lovely gleam to dull, lifeless hair.
On the back of the sachet sample comes with 4 simples easy steps on how to use the product.
I tried all the steps that was on the back, firstly I would wash and condition my hair and air dry it.
 I don't really use a towel to dry my hair. I just simply air dry it because I prefer that way. I then empty the sample sachet ( Product ) Into my palms then massage it through my damp hair from roots to ends I must say it does the job making my hair feel really smooth and shiny I don't see it as a greasy look. it smells absolutely amazing. yes after applying it all over my hair, I just simple style it up with the hairstyles I normally do.
I really love the product. I've been using it sometimes and it actually does the work leaving my hair shiny and looking healthier and alive it helps my ends to look healthier. instead of looking dry and dull which is not a really good look. and will be purchasing this in the future the product is abit pricey. but its worth it.
The product come in a classy green ombre bottle in  3.4 (100 ml). Usually $120 
                             Arganesse 3.4oz (100ml) Hair Treatment- Now - On their site $96.00
The bottle comes 3.4 (100 ml) It comes with a free pouch) 
 You could also request a sample through their website not sure about the UK.
 But you can purchase the item on eBay - ArganesseUK 
Thank you for reading my review on the Arganesse hair treatment.

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