Saturday, 12 November 2016

Hillier Garden Centre | Lunch 2016

There's a little village where i have recently moved to has a lovely small garden centre which is owned by a company called Hillier i think they have just opened up recently not sure when but they have been in the business for years since 1864.

The first meal i have had from there was the cauliflower cheese bake with the sides salad and 2 slices of their tasty garlic bread. Omg i could not explain how gorgeous the garlic bread was i must say it the best one I've had. was really really tasty but i wasn't really keen on the cauliflower cheese though because the cauliflower was abit hard but i'm not really fussy with it i still loved it. 
Rate - 5 Out 10

I forgot what was in the ciabatta i had, I think it was roast beef with some sort of sauce inside with fresh cress. It was so delicious and also with that was a portion bowl of hot chips which made the whole meal so good. the ciabatta was really really nice i would definitely have this again. but my mouth was too small to take a big bite of it lol which was quite funny though. 
Rate - 10 out 10

Very simple meal here, I have the cheese and ham toasties on a wholemeal bread and the side i have deliciously side salad and yes with that also a big portion of hot chips because on this day i was really really hungry. good lunch :) 
Rate - 5 out 10

Second best meal i have had there is this bacon brie toasties with raspberry jam/sauce  with chips and coleslaw. was absolutely delicious. i loved it i would recommend anyone to give this ago. delicious!!!!  
Rate - 10 out 10
Meals are so affordable too!!! :)

*I'm not sponsored by the Company/Brand. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

ร’gan Natural Round Meditation Cushion Review


Hello, Today's blog post will be a review on these beautifully hand woven meditation cushion.
Firstly the parcel arrived safely by a courier nothing was damaged, Well packed in the box which I am really impressed with. I ordered this through Amazon using my partners prime account so it was delivered the next day which was amazing. The product is sold by BYKI Designs & Fulfilled by Amazon. I was really looking forward to trying out this cushion thought it would be very uncomfortable to sit on, But i was wrong it is actually quiet comfortable on my bum. not to hard or anything like that. because it also has a cushion pillow in the middle between the Cattail mat which makes the whole cushion so comfortable. I also love the design of the cushion its very oriental like reminds me of southern asia sort of theme to it if that made sense?

It's very lightweight easy to carry around indoor and outdoors, When your finish using it you can always easily slip the cushion under your bed or sofa or anything really can even store it in your wardrobe if you want to. I normally would slip this under my dresser table so i can relax my feet on the cushion after a long day at work. It actually feels really good when you rub your feet against the Mat feeling material. Just feels amazing not sure if anyone have tried this. I think you should give that a go It really helps : ) There's no mess using this cushion so that's good! It flattens down when your sat on it. And it usually returns to original shape once left It's so useful for outdoor meditation, sit in a park, in your garden or beside a river. but my first try is indoor because the weather here in the UK Keeps changing up and down which is really annoying, so i would definitely have to have ago on this outdoor in the summer. Well that is all i can say today on this lovely cushion. this will be mine as my husband keeps stealing it away from me. oh well sharing is caring! we both love this Ogan Cushion. really do recommend this to anyone who's suffering with back aches, Stress can you suffer from stress???? or your feet if your standing around for 8 hours.

Care instructions Wipe clean only, do not submerge in water. 
What is Cattail? Cattails are tall, stiff plants that can grow almost ten feet tall. The leaves look like giant blades of grass. The art of weaving Cattail dates back thousands of years and is an almost forgotten skill in the west. Truly a gift from nature, Cattails have many practical benefits including providing shelter, food, medicine and fuel.

Hope you guys love my review for this product.
I love it! 

Here's a link to purchase your very own Cushion - Meditation Cushion
                         Here's a code for my lovely readers - 25% discount: SERENE25

(*Kindly sent to review )

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Batiste | New Marrakech Dry Shampoo Review + Giveaway!!

Hi all my lovely readers, today I have an exciting post for you lovelies. Post on the new hair product from the brand batiste on their new release called 'Marrakech' Marrakech is a beautiful city of Morocco and although I've never been, I would love to visit there someday. I love using Batiste dry shampoo because they all smell amazing. I love it when they come out with new releases during all year round. I always get abit fascinated of what different dry shampoo smells like as it would describe their names if that made sense? Batiste dry shampoo always have there unique designs of different thing like sometimes they come out with colourful funky designs that describes the weather or sweets, candy or flowers and they would plan out what scent they would put for this product and then probably let people test it out of what they really think and vote for which scent this will go to. I might be wrong, but that's what I think.

The packaging is so beautiful, Batiste Marrakech dry shampoo has a Morrocan theme with an aromatic flavour, this decadent fragrance is spicy and vibrant.

Batiste dry shampoo, is my go to product when I'm running late or to use when my hair is straightened. Obviously, as you could tell, I have natural curly hair, This can be used on any hair types. I have always used dry shampoo just to get that lovely smell to my hair and also get that extra volume. no one likes to have that flat half buff hair day if you know what i mean.

Trying the new batiste marrakech shampoo is like any other batiste dry shampoo that's out there but with different packaging designs and scent, The scent is sort of like an Exotic fruit smell of guava It smells delicious. If you have no idea what 'Guava ' is well Guavas are common tropical fruits cultivated and enjoyed in many tropical and subtropical regions. Psidium guajava is a small tree in the Myrtle family, native to Pacific islands, and both Central and South America. 

Before using the shampoo, I would hold it approximately 30cm away from roots of my hair. I do it in sections then massage it through with my fingers and shake lightly through my fingers.
Then finally the end step just style it up using my hair brush.

Thank you all for reading my review on this lovely product. I really enjoy using this on my hair would definitely purchase this dry shampoo in store soon and it's also affordable.

Batiste Marrakech is available exclusively at Boots. RRP £3.99 200ml.
*Which are your favourite Batiste scents? Let me know in the comments below.


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New Batiste Dry Shampoo - 2x Marrakech Giveaway

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Lush | Bubble Gum Lip Scrub - My Boy Lollipop Review

   Bubble Gum LipScrub | e25g Vegan

Hi lovelies, Apologise about the lack of postings. Reason why ?? I work full time and i get so tired when i come home......skipping the story. So I've decided to start blogging again because i kind of miss blogging and posting things i really love, So i have a new post today on my blog for you all to see. If you're really interested ??

Last month, I went out to London to go shopping bought a few things. Went into Lush store in Stratford Westfield. omg i can't explain how busy it was in there. I had to squeeze in and had a look around i got a few bath bars and bath bombs. They all smell amazing, I have a lush haul video up on my channel if you haven't subscribed yet CLICK HERE  Thank you!!!

So as i lined up for the till to go purchased my items, I had a look around the desk because they do have products displayed in front of the desk, so i spotted this cute tub ' Bubble Gum' I was like awe this is so cute i should definitely get it i wasn't too sure if i wanted to get it. But i did anyway, It was totally worth it i think it's abit pricey for a little tub. £5.00 I think its worth it.

I've started trying it out when I've arrived home from London, I can say it does taste deliciously good.
I scrubbed it around my lips but at the same time i kept licking them does anyone else do this just for the sake of how good it taste?? Anyone who had tried this product???? NOO Or YESS ?? Comment below if you do this.

So ever since then till today i really like it No I love it!!! I normally suffer with really cracked dry lips. and this was the key to my lip my very own secret ingredients to having soft uncracked lips. 
I use it now and then after washing my face freshly under cool water. This lip scrub is amazing it really cured my lips to being cracked and dry to Soft and smooth lips. I would definitely purchase this item again. It's Handmade by one of the Lush Workers named |' Gavin' How do i know that it's because it has a little sticker label at the back of the tub  saying made by and the date when he made it. 

Fresh Handmade Ingredients - Caster Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil( Simmondsia chinensis), Alpha-Isomethyl ionone, Flavour, Colour 45410,Colour 45380.

Image result for against animal testingImage result for vegan lush 

                                           Image result for vegan lush

That's all i can say about this lovely product, Definitely will repurchase this again.
Thank you all for reading my review, Look out for more postings soon.


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Five Guys | Cambridge

The last 2 weeks my sister came to the UK for holiday, just for 2 weeks. So she had a few friends that lived in the UK too. That she met in Australia, Sydney.

So her friend who lives in London took a train trip to Cambridge to meet us at my local city. So we were all deciding where we should eat first. So we saw nandos I was totally up for anything really I was hungry. Like really really hungry lol so I told them about FIVE GUYS -BURGERS AND FRIES RESTAURANT  I heard it was really popular all over US and The UK.

Seen so many photos of their places and food on social media so I had to do a little research if they had this in my local city. And they did yay!!! I was so happy I've been dying to go there so I did.

I can say the restaurant is like an American 1950s sort of theme style.
Which I really love. They had a soda machine that you could refill as much as you can. I had 4 refills I can say I love it
The staff that served me was bubbly and had really great customer services. If that made sense??

Omg!!! So when my food arrived I was gobsmacked my food came in with some sort of lunch paper bag which was sort of like going to school in America or something. Yeah I haven't actually been in the US, But would love to go there for holiday someday when I can afford it lol.

I was really happy with my meal it was fantastic the patties was succulent and a bit feeling too I didn't finish my whole burger to be honest I had half of my burger. It was really feeling and I love how they do their fries even though it's a regular fries. There were loads of fries in my paper bag there were fries in a cup and some more fries just thrown into the bottom of the bag which was amazing loved it!!! Thumbs up to FIVE GUYS IN CAMBRIDGE. Definitely going there again.

The food is a bit pricey but yes it's totally worth it.  :)

Thank you for reading my post for today.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Instagram Love | Top Fav Photos

New Post tonight, Showing you all my top Favourite instagram photos. All photos are my own. Used with instagram filters. And some used via grid apps. I'm obsessed with instagram I love it. What I love about instagram is you can follow your Favourite celebs and Favourite  youtubers, And brands also or even your friends on Facebook and think twitter as well. If I'm wrong on that one please correct me on that, by commenting down this post. Instagram is where you can also enter competitions and get tips from different  range of brands out there for instant Boots, Superdrug, OriginSkincare ... List goes on.....
And even great tips from beauty accounts. That's what I like and the most thing I love is pictures how bloggers or beauty/ Makeup or Home decor accounts.
Set their account filled with inspiration photos I get inspired by them everyday.

I love instagram 💕👌

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wishlist | Eyeing On 2015

1. Nars | Radiant Creamy Concealer
Nars Creamy Concealer

 Radiant Creamy Concealer £22.00

I've been seeing & Hearing people raving about this concealer! I thought i would do some research about it, And read their feedbacks on the product. Good news ! All positive feedbacks i have my eyes on this product. Top of my wishlisht!!!

2. NARS Blush | Super Orgasm ! 
Blush - Super Orgasm £23.00

Love it when it comes to super floral dark pink shades like this, Really love the outer packaging too. Really want to get my hands on this. 

Glass Pyramid Terraruim | Sass & Belle!!!


I really do admire this beautiful Glass Terrarium.
Seeing them on Beauty Bloggers & You-tubers Haul videos or Room Tour.
It really does catch my eye! Definitely keeping this in my wishlist.